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  • About us

    We started out in therapeutic work many years ago through meditation and developed more knowledge over the years. Kaz the founder is now a Reiki Master and crystal healer, she also does meditation guidance.


    Candles and fragrances have always been used in her healing work but she longed to have a product that she knew everything about and wanted to have as pure a product as possible with amazing qualities.


    This kick started her passion for learning to make her own products, with ingredients that she could be confident in for their amazing results.

    Natural choice currently make wax melts and candles using soy wax and also combinations of soy and bees wax. This is done using top quality fragrance oils and essential oils. She also make soap in a variety of beautiful fragrances to tantalise the senses. Products she makes also include Wax Brittle, Simmering crystals and our fabulous shower steamers as well as bathbombs and more.


    Exciting new soaps, bath bombs and more products will be coming very soon. Keep coming back to check for other special items on my site which are sold for as long as stocks last.

    If you would like to buy any of these products please get in touch. As a Shop cannot currently be added to this site.


    We are committed here to further development and making improvement on our impact on the environment as such packing will change from time to time as we work to find more environmentally friendly Options.


    We apologise this is not a shop website we are working to resolve this. Please feel free to contact us via Facebook, email or through the contact us page on this site.

    Currently on sale £2.50 while stocks last

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    Currently on sale while stocks last

    We have a lot of old stock due to COVID 19 on sale


    Pots from 90p

    Bars from £2.50

    Bathbombs from £1.75

  • Bath time !

    Bathbombs and Bath dust



    Sherbert lemon

    Jelly bean


    Lovely spell
    This stunning fragrance is a deliciously sweet blend of cherry blossom, white musk and tangerine with hints of peach, strawberry, raspberry and bergamot.


    Sweet and red berry Sorbet



    A fantastically sharp peppermint fragrance.


    Flower blast

    This is one of the most amazing fragrances, a beautiful floral with hints of jasmine, rose and freesia with delicate undertones of sparkling pomegranate, musky vanilla and a sprinkling of patchouli.








    Snowy splendour

    Candy Cane

    Candy Apple


    Naughty or Nice

    Red berries, almond, cherry and citrus with hints of peppermint


    Honey Suckle and Elderflower

    A beautifully clean, crisp winter floral fragrance with musky vanilla and hints of sweet citrus and winter berries


    Winter Wonderland

    A rich, warm, festive fragrance with mulled wine, soft fruits and hot spice enlivened by precious woods and glowing embers.


    Mistletoe Kisses
    A refreshing snowy scent with hanging mistletoe at it's heart, musky, citrus and seriously smoochy xx


    Santa’s Grotto

    A super sweet fruity, pear and cherry scent with hints of candy floss and vanilla pods.


    Starry Night


    Festive Fig and Snowy Berry

    fragrance with hints of red berries, pink peppercorns and raspberry all blended with woody figs.


    Fragrance and essential Oils soaps 

    Sizes from small to large  Prices from £1  


    Lilly and Ginseng

    Orange Neroli



    French lavender


    Sliced soap £2.50 a bar 

    Whole soap loaf made at special request 



    Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

    Peppermint and lemon




    Himalayan Essential oil bath soak 

    Usually £5 for 250g Introductory offer until September 11th £4 



    A fantastically sharp peppermint fragrance.

    Sweet Orange



    By special request I can also make bath soak in

    Rose Geranium

    May Chang

    Amyris Sandalwood

    Sweet Orange and Patchouli

    Lavender and Bergamot


    (Please note as some products are made to order due to being a small hand made business there may be a lead time of a week or 2 depending on suppliers availability of supplies)


    Custom orders will need paying for in advance due to some non collections of custom orders


  • Essential oil Diffuser

    £22.50 for 200ml

    Custom Orders

    If you have a particular request for a custom order such as wedding favours and thank you gifts with soap or wax melts then please get in touch with me directly.

    Wax melts can be made in a variety of sizes and packaging.


    Hand and feet cleanser £5.00


    I am currently making single melts, tarts and bars.We have all our clamshells on sale as we are updating packing for more environmentally friendly packing.  If you have a certain preference or a special request just let me know.

    Custom orders are available for hotels, offices, business and private customers


    Scents currently available in melts, Diffusers and Tea lights


    If you do not see the fragrance you would like please ask as we can order the oils in




    Fresh linen

    Coconut and Rum

    Tibetan Musk

    Vapour Rub


    Japanese Cherry Blossom



    Blueberry and Vanilla

    Peppermint essential oil


    Winter spice


    Festive Tree

    Aromatic Juniper & Precious Woods

    Lavender essential oil

    Lemon essential oil

    Just Breath Essential oil



    We also have special scents for Christmas and Halloween


    Seasonal Specials

    We do many fragrance specials such as Pumpkin Spice latte and much more to come in wax melts, Diffusers and tea lights, we also make special bath bombs For the occasion



    Healing services of meditation guidance, Reiki & crystal healing are currently not available due to studio space but will become available in the future.

  • Technically car diffusers but I have been selling these for people who want to hang in places warmers and burners can not go. For eg the bathroom, a closest or even in your Christmas tree ! This one is in the fragrance Christmas tree and really smells like a pine forest. Add a subtitle here. For those wanting them in there car We advise car vent clips we can supply those if required,

    Hanging Diffusers

  • Bath Dust

    £3.00 a bag while stock lasts

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